As a Novice Under Influence of King Paimon

The intentions and content laid out in a single post for the entire blog


The Paradox

I have now always known myself to be the most open-minded and reasonable in philosophical discussions, and even in other kinds of discussions– however the other side always seems to say that I am not bending to their ideology enough and accuse me of being either a bigot or closed-minded. However, I am the first […]

No More Altar

For the time being, I have put my altar away as symbolic of trying to focus on other things and compromise with my new partner. New things– especially as things as biased and condemned over millennia of jews and christians subverting what they dislike or don’t understand or think of as this or that– will […]

Life Update

I’m finally glad that the stale state of affairs has been successfully flushed, and out comes unknown territory of the new product of metamorphosis. My anxiety has changed, personal habits and thought habits, and changes in significant relationships. I’ve gained a significant other to which can be my eventual escape in this life, so that […]

The case of my friend’s Dream

I’ve had this friend for many years, met online while having fun fucking around as usual. Fast forward nearly a decade later, and we have usual Dungeons and Dragons sessions with our group of friends that were all met in the same place and time relatively. As I have a tiefling warlock character (of course […]


    Belial’s Profile: His name in Hebrew means “worthlessness”– however I think whoever assigned that name was rather silly. He is known to be a demon of “lawlessness”, but he really may just hold disdain for broken and corrupted systems, much like the ones humans have. He is known to be “against the system” […]

Hereditary’s “King Paimon”

If you haven’t seen this movie: please do so, so you at least can manage to get what I am referring to in this post. It was only around $13 for me to view. It had a decent budget, nicely written, although of course with movies…. they take artistic liberty and its to be taken […]

Little Update

What have I been up to? Nothing much except depression and mental illness recovery. But I plan on writing in this little personal journal of mine, more. I promise that.   Except it’s so hard to find any good help, and they mostly blame you for everything you go through.   At least the spirits […]