As a Novice Under Influence of King Paimon

I’ve started this website, alongside others, with the intent and purpose of having a dedicated space for King Paimon and for other followers and acolytes to learn and read of him. This website is mostly written by Lady Jorune Lovenskield. You can also find my profile concerning magic and this particular spirit on Spellsofmagic.com as “Jorune” and “Permeate”. I plan on launching some blogs for Paimon on Tumblr.com as “The Sun Dial of King Paimon” or “The Golden Temple of Paimon”. I have a kik group called the “Golden Cobra”. Expect more to come.

There is another acolyte with me, and an avid follower of Paimon’s female aspect and representation. He will be known as Joachim. He is my Greek friend.

I have another Eastern friend, known as Mert. We have had a rocky relationship and some fights, yet he still wants to work with me and King Paimon after backing out of a summoning ritual some years ago.

Within this blog, you will be updated on our findings together. Since I will be using more than one source as I have learned from others– other WordPress.com blogs, my two friends heavily invested in that spirit, and other forums– I do mean to say “us”. I will try to give credit where it is due, if I can find the original source still.

Things to expect from my website:

  • Ritual dates and details
  • Witchcraft with Paimon
  • Experiences to share
  • Information we have collected on King Paimon
  • Crafts that I do for his altar
  • Anything concerning or in association with King Paimon

Stay tuned for more! If you are alike us in intention and in purpose, please find me and message me. We want to build a community, Temple, or otherwise where other like minded folks can be together. 

Source: http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Paimon

Small Update

Something, I can feel it, has come to a head. But that could just be my perception, and not everything happens for better, or worse.

What came to a head was an internal conflict of the self, and a shadow self or another spirit be it an egregore that I’ve accidentally made or an external force that has latched on.

I can’t gather much information on this energy, except that it loves getting in the way of everything I do. Maybe personified mental illness? My other witch friend from California, where I used to live, suggested it may have been an ex legionnaire or some kind of subordinate spirit that wants to gain attention of the goetic spirits that have been trying to contact me. Many people advised me against binding, so I just did a simple banishment and cleansing and thought ways to rebalance my root chakra seeing as I’ve always issues with that as it is.

I think it may had been with me for a long time, but I can’t be sure, but other people have confirmed that there is definitely something there besides me. I don’t know how it evades so well, perhaps it’s not attached as much as it “checks in on me” every now and again.

References to support my suspicion:

Had a dream as usual but in this one, said energy asked in a rude and curt way, “Are you still fucking King Paimon?”

That sentence in itself is weird as hell, but I think it really shows the jealous connotations, among other things, but that being most apparent. Maybe the spirit can’t articulate well, but I did also see a vision a while before that dream where I saw an Arabic king, dressed in rather plain white robes (as modern ones are today) and then it switched to another visage— but it showed fear. Perhaps drawing attention to the entity that was being rude to me in the first place.

I haven’t been able to find many answers, as life makes it busy, and I’m very tired these days.

I’m pretty sure it had passed on now, but what a curious spirit. I did recall having a dream( more than a year ago now), waking up in a bed in a strange yet detailed home where suddenly a bandaged (fully, head to toe) busted through the door to the room and tried to suffocate/strangle me, and I then poked where it’s eyes would be, in. It bled quite a bit from both eyes, and I went out the window. The room seemed to be on top of other stories, so I fell a little ways. I fell into a pretty deep river and a cloaked/robed man on a boat suddenly came to me and pulled me out promptly. While I was in the water I was trying to avoid an alligator, or crocodile that I saw, because I knew that they’re drawn to commotion in the water.

I wonder if any if any of you have had a like experiences, or cake across similar annoyances?

Scrying in the name of the King

This is going to be a bit of a disorganized post, but here goes:

I have always been wanting to start a regular system of scrying with King Paimon, and I actually did have a small black mirror at the ready, until all of my shit ended up in a box for the trash one day. (No, I’ll never forget, but I forgive their incredible ignorance and bigotry)

I had actually found her article from a group on facebook, Demonolatry Worldwide, and commented on some of her threads in the past (automatic writing). She is from Greece, like my other friend who is also a devotee of KP. She has her website as well here.

Before finding her article upon the Facial Distortion method, I was feeling particularly frustrated in having all of what I had worked for and paid for essentially removed from my life, and wanted ways of seeing the being that did not need extensive rituals (in times where I can’t even allow myself to go into a full trance or get lost in energies, because surely I have no right to privacy as I am not financially dependent as of yet), nonetheless I am determined to carry on. I had received, suddenly, two visions, after listening to music for an hour or so. What came of it was a visage of what I assume to be King Paimon, but in a more plain attire than what some people say he comes as. He still had a headdress and flowing robes, but without much decoration. It was mostly a side-profile view, and he had shoulder length dark hair with quite pale skin, and a clean face barren of any hair or scars or any imperfections of any kind. His expression was plain. Now, contrast that with the second vision that came a moment after: a similar visage without the clothes, but with a more hysterical expression. The hair may have been a more light brown, slightly shorter, and a more feminine face. I’ve thought of a myriad of meanings for these two.

After being reminded of the ink + water in a bowl with candles kind of scrying, I attempted to just let it go and see what happens, but I became very tired, and knowing I had to get up at 4 in the morning the following day, I cut it short. I will make it a more regular thing to do in the middle of night, as I won’t have as much of a chance to be disturbed.

I did always want to get a medium-sized ball of citrine or labradorite, and also take anything I could in ways of working with that. But I have been busy in the interim.

And bringing it to an experience I had just today, early am hours, is what motivated me to finally make another post. Since I have been showing symptoms of depression, and have been sleeping if not working, but the upside to this is sleeping is where I have always gotten most of my experiences and introductions from beings. I am very much a dream walker, so that is something no one can really take away. I had one of those dreams, or it would be better described as experiencing weird things while in altered states of mind: I could see a little of myself, the bed, and my room through a similar feeling that I had when a being had manifested in my room. Though, what was different is minus the strange and distinct atmosphere, there was distorted sounds and perceptions of movement where there was none at all. My fan, which is relatively quiet, turned into a very loud and rattling hum, like it was broken but still could work. The pillows I rested on seemed as if they could breathe, and what I had “seen” was the pillow as a person’s chest moving up and down in the same way it would have if it really was a person. My fingers felt like they were slipping from a grip of something, or being shifted, or being posed by someone else handling them. Then, my body–head to toe– started to slowly rock back and forth like I was a buoy in water. I never experience any kind of sleep paralysis, so at this point I was too curious of the fan noise and opened my eyes. I came to quickly realize that this was a fatal mistake as I closed them again and thought something may have been happening or about to come through, but I knew I had broken the focus and I was already escalating in brain waves and states ( I felt more awake then).

Looking back on it, perhaps a being (such as King Paimon) or another entity that I may have known or not known was trying to shake me out of my body and trigger an OBE or Astral projection, as I recall that most people start with moving their fingers, and then they do other movements. I did not feel any sort of vibrations, which some people say is a sign that some element of mind, body, or spirit is misaligned, or that your energy is putting too much out, or there is some kind of issue happening and keeping from a successful OBE.

I hope that the next time it happens, I will retain my focus and get back to what I used to be able to do seven years ago. I think that someone who could lucid dream + OBE in their childhood have to find different methods of doing so after puberty seeing as many things change in the brain and body.

Now I will be frank here, I am not a master of anything, and even those who we would look up to for advice in the occult and spirituality have even said none of us truly know these things as facts or to be down to a science. It could mean a thousand things, and then some given other variables of who, what, how, why, etc. My purpose to share this with you today is say maybe I can relate to other people, and remind them that they haven’t completely left, despite what our mental illnesses or faulty perceptions may make us think.

Last thing to add: I had originally awoken at 3:50 am, I had some food and watched something entertaining seeing as I was asleep since mid-afternoon of the previous day. I had felt very tired again, and wanted to take a short nap before I get up to write in my personal journal and then make a post for here. Right before sleeping, I had thought about what I had needed to do and kind of imagined King Paimon’s sigil, with an orange fire going through the lines of the sigil. I had drifted off to sleep very quickly and I don’t remember much else from it until the weird sensations started.

 One more note: I don’t exactly aim for a rigid structure as far as these kinds of studies go, although I try to be consistent in the important things. But illness and other things get in the way, no doubt. So I usually use these posts as a means to report the random things that may happen, but whether or not they are truly random is unknown to me. 

Subtle Annoyances

My lack of activity has been the expected (dying) fruit byproduct of religious intolerance and bigotry. There is something very peculiar when someone starts off saying, “I’m not closed-minded!” and then continues to be exactly so. Why? because what they claim is right and you are wrong for having a different perspective, even if that perspective for you and your life is supported through your own experiences and hardships. Why? because people need a means of control, and they worship idealization more than of what they claim to worship.

This post is about how I had to give up my First Amendment rights in order to maintain the peace and not become homeless.

Many times I’ve wanted to post off-topic things that come across my mind, but now I will have to since I’m locked up in the closet again. Funny, because even those who think they have open arms, really can’t handle the truth. And no, simply because you happen to live in someone else’s house does not mean you have to forgo all laws. That’s like saying you can commit any crime on a certain piece of land simply because you own it… what a fucking asinine concept.

This blog will be less about practice, simply because I cannot. I grow more and more weary, more and more angry, more and more frustrated, more and more tied up; caught in between these lines of a perceived dichotomy that simply doesn’t exist. This dichotomy is one of a bipolar nature: the whole “god=light=love=all that is good and holy” and anything else is simply just trash, apparently. And by god, it is meant yhwh, or yahweh. This country should never had pandered to these christians in the first place, because once you allow them to change documents and even the pledge of allegiance, you will find yourselves in so much trouble. As I am finding myself in trouble.

Years ago, before I had even cared about any of these things, I always wondered what sort of psychology fueled the agendas atheists and satanists alike had against christians. But now, I come to fully understand what they mean. One event has always stuck in my mind: the man who came to a church proceeding dressed in satantic ritual garb. It was hilarious to watch everyone’s completely idiotic responses, but at the heart there is no mistake of the intention for such a display. The proceeding, was of course, about religious freedom. I forget what the  man’s name was, or any particular details, or I would have linked an article. The issue was being settled over christian symbolism being put up in a public place, and someone challenged it. It was met with hostility, because no one can stop themselves from being a bigot.

The subtle annoyances is how subtle it all really is, until you have a combination of factors that serve as the reason for these kinds of forces to really show their ugly faces to the world and start doing harm– such as the case of the violence seen in Charlottesville just recently. How long will it be before religion starts to become another focal point of violence, like it has been in the past, and how it always has been for the middle east? Until then, we have to deal with the sly social tactics of those who are still bigots, who still seek to limit freedoms, who still condemn and hate something different because they can’t come to educate themselves about it. The pompous attitude of this sort of grand delusion of knowing what is better for everyone. The contradictions abound, and the misconceptions perpetuating, ironic hypocrisy. They have the saying of turn the other cheek, yet this only applies to those they cannot tolerate: they expect you to submit, and they won’t ever even once consider how you cannot care what they practice, as long as you are allowed to do what you will with your own private time in peace.

Example: My father claimed a dark shadow or cloud collating in a certain spot in my room, coincidentally exactly where the altar or workbench was. Never mind how they also say that because they fear god, bless and protect the house in the name of what ever, that somehow this black cloud was still able to survive. Sure. Am I the only one that doesn’t fear and immediately hate the unknown–where are certainty and egos break down and dissolve? Where I don’t just assume something has to be bad simply because of a color I perceive, or because of biases?

I am so beaten down and done with everything here, and it won’t be until some years before I start picking up the practice. I lost hundreds of dollars in books I bought and supported the authors, hundreds of hours of hard work and study, and ultimate guilt and embarrassment for having to throw away other’s work that I have personally received.

Even if what I was doing, practicing, or planning to do with these spirits actually were leading me down a road of destruction and abandon, then I have my own right to experience my path and life for myself rather than just view it from a pamphlet of what did or didn’t work for someone else. In some cases, it was what people thought more than 2,000 years ago. I refuse to let biases paint my landscape, and I have every right to express my negativity before it becomes an issue. There is a lot to be said about releasing things before they build up and eventually lead to an even worse event, as to make a mountain out of a mole hill sort of situation.

And, sure, you can say I might be hopping onto an old, beaten horse, and why don’t I have the balls to criticize Islam? Frankly, because I don’t give a fuck about Islam, or what it does, until it affects me personally.




Unclear Intentions

         This post will be more personally involved, rather than the more objective flavors of the last posts. I have not been making posts due to my anxiety in life, and unclear direction– As a Pisces, I really do prefer to have the current take me where I would like to be.

However, that mentality can be damaging and set oneself up for failure. Not making clear goals can damage a lot of things and ruin many others, but what happens when you don’t (or feel like you don’t–) have much to go on, in order to actually set your first goal? What happens when one doesn’t know where they would like to end up at the end of their labored work, because they have been dragged along, and made to adapt and take on the Buddhist principle of a state of mind, despite the repression of intense stress and other feelings?

Then that is there you should be happy, no matter the situation, and take it in many different ways. Be the crazed scientist, the infatuated occultist, the zealous inventor, and even the egotistical philosopher: before you can start to roll your ball, you need to become familiar with what material it should be made out of. It is okay to be completely wrong and totally brusque, as long as even your vague goals feel something along the lines of “I want this to become something one day”, or, “I will make sense of this someday”; even though that may grant you a “dreamer” label, you have to manifest a vision before it becomes reality. It is like the phase of an animator going through the process of pre-production, production, and post- production.

Though, all of that is neither here nor there. The real topic I wanted to elaborate on is unclear intentions, unguided notions, and even assumptions based on the shaky foundation of uncertainty. No one can ever be so exact, but we can all attempt our hand at forming a sculpture with perfect anatomy.

Unclear intentions at first can be okay to have. Maybe you are just feeling it out, perhaps you don’t know if entering a demonic pact or just a mere relationship via choosing to associate with its spirit is something you should go into, or what you actually want to accomplish with your spell and other magical workings? But after a while, you need to develop a clear sight of the shot you want to take, and pierce it through the heart with some modicum of conviction and confidence.

Then, after you have a few elements to play with, apply these principles, practices, methods, etc– to your life and what you would need or want to change, accomplish, even tweak a little bit, or merely help yourself and others along. For example, I want to diminish my ego significantly. King Paimon aids much in the way of teaching discipline, in a way that won’t feed ego, but possibly completely destroy it. When interacting with certain powers such as these kinds of spirits, they can bring a thousand year’s worth of perspective straight to you so you can see yourself explode and become anew. This is a sort of process through catharsis, or as others would call it being a masochist. It depends on degree and tact in which you apply what you’ve learned into contributing towards your goal(s).

         I will add more to this post later, but I had an urge to write something without even a rough draft on what I was experiencing. It also helps me to make my own goals clear, and perhaps it will help you in turn as well to think of it.



Hail Great and Generous King Paimon

How I came to have a pact with King Paimon of the Goetia

This is so awesome! It fills me with determination to hear more things concerning experiences with KP


​Funny story actually. He actually coerced me into doing so, and I don’t blame him, we’re both artistic types and I give very good offerings.
So I was just chilling, stressing out about things trying to multitask, and I had this very annoying thought in the back of my head because the eyebrow hair of my left eyebrow was growing all weird and patchy. So while I was trying to focus on more important things, that annoyance was commanding my attention. And KP came and offered to take care of it for me. And I was skeptical honestly, but it wasn’t a long shot cause I had conjured him earlier that week, I just thought it was silly he would offer help in that kind of thing.
So yeah, I shrugged it off and he kept thought projecting the base of the ritual in my head until I gave up…

View original post 535 more words

Who is #9 — King Paimon?

         “Number nine” refers to the spirit being  the ninth from the Order of Dominations, and of that a high-ranking title. The orders themselves refer to Enochian references within magick, as angels(fallen or otherwise), had certain orders to which they were involved in. [But that is an entirely different topic!]

         I haven’t yet bought the Goetia, as most copies run quite expensive, but you can know that once you’ve looked at over 20-50 sources and as a few different translations and authors basically all say the same thing, you can assume the general outline of who King Paimon is:

“(9) Paimon. — The Ninth Spirit in this Order is Paimon, a Great King, and very obedient unto Lucifer. He appeareth in the form of a Man sitting upon a Dromedary with a Crown most glorious upon his head. There goeth before him also an Host of Spirits, like Men with Trumpets and well sounding Cymbals, and all other sorts of Musical Instruments. He hath a great Voice, and roareth at his first coming, and his speech is such that the Magician cannot well understand unless he can compel him. This Spirit can teach all Arts and Sciences, and other secret things. He can discover unto thee what the Earth is, and what holdeth it up in the Waters; and what Mind is, and where it is; or any other thing thou mayest desire to know. He giveth Dignity, and confirmeth the same. He bindeth or maketh any man subject unto the Magician if he so desire it. He giveth good Familiars, and such as can teach all Arts. He is to be observed towards the West. He is of the Order of Dominations [or Dominions, as they are usually termed]. He hath under him 200 Legions of Spirits, and part of them are of the Order of Angels, and the other part of Potentates. Now if thou callest this Spirit Paimon alone, thou must make him some offering; and there will attend him two Kings called Labal and Abali, and also other Spirits who be of the Order of Potentates in his Host, and 25 Legions. And those Spirits which be subject unto them are not always with them unless the Magician do compel them. His Character is this which must be worn as a Lamen before thee, etc” (from www.oldbooks.org, [ as an example of one of the many sources]).

         With that being said, I can list many other sources at the end of this post. However I will talk and refer to them in the mean time. There are also many misconceptions, or conspiracies, or ideas surrounding the spirit to the relations of others, that I will also get into later into the post after I have established who he is. 

He has different associations, as stated by this source. 

The one association that holds through with almost anyone, in general, who practices spirit conjuring and one who works with KP(King Paimon for short), is the element of Gold. It is the most obvious one, after him being a “King”, and after the Goetia specifically stating that Kings stated therein must be made of a golden seal.

My personal gnosis confirms the use of Bindweed, or Morning Glories(Bindweed is related to Morning Glories, except for the fact one of them is literally a strong-willed weed, and the other is a perennial/annual that isn’t as invasive). After reading about other’s experiences, King Paimon can come dressed in a heavy, dark cloak with no defining features, and weigh you down with the energy the spirit brings. Or, as a proud Royal figure(either appearing more feminine or masculine), with much noise to be brought about by music created by his entourage of other spirits. Thus, both Bindweed and a Morning Glory I associate with King Paimon– as he can come more subtly or louder if he chooses to: with more of a strong will or more of a pleasant arrival in comparison to the latter. He may also come accompanied by two other spirits– Label and Abilim. The Serpent’s Key states that these two spirits are alike to body guards, while others state that they see these two spirits as black guard dogs sniffing people out for the first time. (I did have a dream about a dog around the same time that I suspected I was first reached out to by these daemons, but more on that later in a future post!) And by the way, he comes riding upon a pretty sweet, decked out camel, as observed by some:

The Camel is supposedly decked out in jewels and luxuries, as one would notice it being a King’s camel, and especially a King that enjoys and appreciates art and craftsmanship in all its forms. On the right side is also a small, and lesser known/least used symbol of KP. “Paimon, one of the Cardinal Demons, as ruler of the East. From a manuscript clearly based on Collin de Plancy’s ‘Dictionnaire Infernal’ 1864.”

The spirits character– many sources say he is straight-forward, yet has a great sense of humor. Some even say a wicked sense of humor for those with ill-intentions, as I did read(forgot what source!) stated that negative things come back your way if you do not come with a true heart. He understands and is very tolerant of human failure and trail-and-errors, as well as being a well-meaning mentor to whom ever wants for guidance. For this kind of friendly spirit, he can either come to you, or he comes very quickly to you when called successfully. Some sources says he is indeed a familiar of music, and my personal gnosis also makes me think that I may have attracted more of him in particular when I gained an interest in my friend’s guitar one day while on vacation(there was something special about that guitar, and even after I bought the same brand and model that he had– it didn’t feel the same).  My Greek friend states that Paimon comes to him in a feminine form, and he insists that Paimon is a feminine consciousness and prefers to be called a female above all. Though, even with Christianity– many followers have a different idea of their same god. King Paimon may appear genderless, as a man, as a man with a woman’s face, or as a woman completely(sort of like Gomory!).

I won’t detail summoning rituals or otherwise about KP in this particular post, as I want to focus on the spirit himself. There has been a growing theory, such as with The Serpent’s Key, that KP is in some way, connected to Azazel. There are also relationships between Paimon and Belial, though I haven’t read much in the way of relationships between demons.

As I run out of topics to elaborate upon, I draw this post to a close on who King Paimon is. Contact me, or my Greek friend, or just search for yourself on the myriad of sources and blogs that will come up when you simply search “King Paimon”. He is, after all, the spirit that helps with the rites of self-initiation.

         There are also other WordPress articles, such as this one!

         And one more source: A man from Las Vegas(also the same place that I have grown up in, and spent the most years cumulatively in) who summoned him in search of business advice and what his next actions should be, as well as simply asking the weather from KP(as he can have control over the weather and see its patterns) to verify the spirit being legitimately King Paimon, and as what the old grimoires state him to be able to do. I highly encourage everyone to at least read this one– if you can’t be bothered to read anything else further!

More links, as promised(in no particular order):

  1. Many the Uncanny‘s Blog
  2. Spelwerx
  3. The Mystica
  4. E.A Koetting’s website: Become a Living God
  5. And, a post detailing a magician’s experiences!
  6. The Serpent’s Key: Invocation Guide to King Paimon, as written by Raven Dark
  7. Another Post, but detailing her pact with KP
  8. Gods and Monsters
  9. Earth Song Forum
  10. Wizard Forums
  11. “The Mind of James Donahue”
  12. Black Witch Coven
  13. “True Lore Grimoire” — a blog from Tumblr(Tumblr has a lot of great sources and posts that vary in content, as well as Pinterest for its visuals and sound bites!)
  14. Demonicpedia.com
  15. Ad Astra Perversum — a blog by Mykhailo Chornyisyn
  16. Angel Fire
  17. Old but gold: here is a very old website, early 2000s, depicting an election for a summoning ritual and natal chart for KP!
  18. The Watkins Dictionary… because why not?
  19. An Archive about the Goetia

I can list countless more, but you get the idea. I have started, and now I leave you with these sources and information.