Caught in between the lines

Recently I have found myself wound up even tighter and buried deeper in between the lines of philosophical idealism & the lack of guidance in the ever-present anxiety in a lost society in the modern age. Though it would still be unwise to separate these supposed sides that I see laid before me, as all […]

Accidental Conversion

A very interesting second-hand experience was through my long-time online friend whom many afternoons were filled with a group of us playing multiplayer video games and table top games such as Dungeons and Dragons has recently, in the span of some months ago, was reached out to by King Paimon. At first he sort of […]

New Update

It has been a while and officially around five years or so being with King Paimon and generally awakening to new horizons in my life spiritually. A lot has happened in my life even just recently and I owe all thanks to how great this work has been while I have been able to channel […]

New Associations

As there was, there may be cataclysms that create great ruptures and fissures in the ground, there may also be erosion or floods that fill such voids or previously inhabited lands with anew form of life or structure of substance. Plainly speaking, new associations begin to join the fray of this allegorical crocheted design. These […]

The Paradox

I have now always known myself to be the most open-minded and reasonable in philosophical discussions, and even in other kinds of discussions– however the other side always seems to say that I am not bending to their ideology enough and accuse me of being either a bigot or closed-minded. However, I am the first […]

No More Altar

For the time being, I have put my altar away as symbolic of trying to focus on other things and compromise with my new partner. New things– especially as things as biased and condemned over millennia of jews and christians subverting what they dislike or don’t understand or think of as this or that– will […]