As a Novice Under Influence of King Paimon

The intentions and content laid out in a single post for the entire blog


With You, Not Them

The title is usually the quote of various spiritual beings, namely King Paimon. So what’s this exclusive club all about then? VIP backstage passes? Only a few pass through the narrow gate to immortal wisdom? I’ve gathered this odd notion of such test and initiation, and it’s quite funny, and at times, very aggravating. The […]

A Post About Black Animals

There is certainly something to say about the sight of black animals: spirits, friends, omens, signs, coincidences, superstition, or synchronicity? The question can only beckon my curiosity on any shamanic meanings, and also the plain mundane facts of how I’ve been able to catch sight these animals. The first to start with is a black, […]

Another Ritual

This is an entry about a series of rituals dedicated to connecting to King Paimon over the past week or so. The first ones were meditation upon King Paimon with my current friend from Australia, a man that has also seen me enrobed in white and gold. Two people have received the similar vision from […]

A Bout with his Brash Behavior

This post is long over due for a quite ignorant and brash character that I’ve had the delightful misfortune of meeting. The following story is from what I could recall, and I hope it serves as a warning to those who may find themselves in a perspective alike Mert’s, to stray away from that as […]

Updated Site

Site Update 2017 – January – 5 I’ve changed the site theme and slightly its layout to better suit a more minimalist theme, and a more organizational aspect.        Expect more to come, but I’ve also changed my vision for this site:   Looking around, and looking back onto me and how I […]

Is there a right track?

Since the summer where my belongings were forced to be thrown away, it hasn’t stopped me. There has been a lot developing inside of me, that is hard to write out and organize. But perhaps in doing so– or at least attempting to– will help other people like me. With being in that horrible phase […]

Small Hiatus Update

I recently moved and dissociated my more “real life” associated social media accounts and separated them for reasons that everyone is probably already familiar with.   I had thought of making many updates in the past, but for some reason I always felt like it wasn’t “time” for it yet.   I have been around […]